To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tipos en su Tinta we decided to make a vinyl record.

In the year 2021, Tipos en su Tinta were offered an artist residency at the Fine Art Museum of Tenerife. At about the same time the experimental musician Ernst Surberg visited our workshop and got inspired by the sounds and interacting movements of the ‘bodies’: machines and humans. Recordings of the activity became musical material, that again was manipulated and performed live together with musician Esther Ropón at the closure event of our exhibition.

Later on, Ernst initiated a session at the studio Ensemble Mosaik, in Berlin, again including the original samples and arranging the parts of the improvisation to separate pieces. And this is the record you now find available in a limited edition of a hundred copies presented in a unique cover designed and printed manually on a Robel Proof Press in October 2023.

The cover and poster illustration were created by printing an obsolete hard drive and other discarded objects from modern living, making reference to the unique mixture of mechanical sounds from the workshop and their modulations with the synthesizer, but also to emphasize the continuous long life of the letterpress printing technique, initiated by Johannes Gutenberg in Europe in the 15th century.

Here you can listen to some sound samples